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Skulls Eco-Canvas Baby Shoes

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  • Black and White Skulls Eco-Canvas upper is made with recycled content
  • Soft enough for newborns, but durable enough for active toddlers
  • Elastic ankle opening—easy to put on, and more likely to stay on than socks!
  • Flexible rubber soles protects the foot without restricting movement
  • Indoor / dry outdoor shoe
  • Machine wash cool, lay flat to dry
  • Can be worn with or without socks
  • Designed and handcrafted in the USA
  • Pattern placement varies, no two shoes are alike!

Perfect first walker shoes for your little one on the go. The unique grippy soles provide the traction and stability your little one needs as they learn to walk with confidence.  Shoes are lined with cotton flannel, perfect for wear with or without socks. Gentle ankle elastic will keep shoes on the most active kickers and crawlers. Handmade in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Each item is carefully hand-cut and sewn to ensure premium quality.  Please take the time to measure your child’s footprint to ensure the correct size is ordered for a perfect fit.  

To accurately measure your child's foot. Place a piece of paper on a firm flat surface (book, table, tile floor, etc). Have your child stand, or press their foot firmly onto the paper. Draw a line at the heel and the longest point of the toe. Measure the distance between the lines on the paper. Add 1/2" and find the measurement on the orange size chart below to determine the best size for your little one.  

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My favorite ones!

I bought these, as well as the burgundy ones, for my 8.5 month old. She is a master at kicking off socks and now that she’s started walking I wanted something for her to get used to wearing. I am huge on foot health and foot development, I myself wear minimalist shoes and go barefoot as much as possible. A friend of mine tagged me in an advertisement for these while I was still pregnant, knowing my love for all “shoes” that let your feet be feet. Even though I know these won’t replace shoes completely, I will be buying my daughter these as she grows for quite awhile yet! Great product!

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