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VIP Rewards

For a $50 annual fee you get:
  • FREE pair of limited edition Cabooties (Your choice of navy tie dye or letters and numbers print pictured, $35 Retail Value) with your membership. These special Cabooties are ONLY available to our VIP's
  • Triple rewards points on every purchase - earn 15% back on every order and get FREE CABOOTIES three times as fast! The membership pays for itself when you purchase 3 pairs of baby shoes in one year. 
  • Exclusive access to VIP prints
  • Early access to product launches, discounts, and special events

Your VIP points will start accumulating on your first purchase after you join our VIP Rewards Club.

This one-year membership does not auto-renew.  We'll send you an invitation to join us again on your VIP anniversary via email.

Due to the nature of this membership, coupons and discounts will not apply to your VIP membership fee.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tonya D.

No regrets on renewing my VIP membership. I was able to get triple points on my orders as soon as I joined and I was able to snag last years VIP print in our next size up as well as grab this years print. This years print is a nice ABC123 print that says Cabooties 2014 😍. They’re so versatile and gender neutral. So more than one of my kids will have the opportunity to wear them.

Courtney B.

Any of the prints are awesome and there made well!

Super cute!

Love, love, love the exclusive print. I wish I would have joined the VIP Club sooner! Such a cute print when joining as well as the perks. We love Cabooties, especially with triplet boys who wear SMO braces on their feet as they begin to walk.