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August 25, 2020 2 min read

Your little one is upright and taking her first tentative steps. You couldn't be more excited. But how can you keep those tender toes safe?  Most shoes are difficult to put on, and baby rips them right back off!

The trick to finding the right shoe? Look for a soft flexible sole that allows the toes to grip the ground, and make sure that shoes fit! Though a little extra space in the toe is necessary, don't try to make footwear purchases last longer by buying shoes a few sizes too big. A novice walker may trip over the excess room at the end of her shoes.

Sunflowers Cabooties Baby and Toddler Soft Rubber Sole Shoes


Flexible is best

Can you fold your babe's shoe in half? Footwear should be porous and flexible. Shoes made entirely of rubber or plastic tend to be stiff and cause excessive sweating, and make it hard for developing feet to bend and flex. Choose cloth or canvas, which stretch and allow the shoe to bend.

Shaped like baby's feet

Baby's feet are wider and rounder than adults.  Look for shoes that are oval-shaped to accommodate the width of her feet.

Thumb Test

A child's longest toe should be a thumb's width (roughly half an inch) from the tip of the shoe.


Consult the size chart

To ensure a good fit, consult the size chart before buying. 

Elastic Ankles

Look for shoes that have elastic all the way around the opening to ensure they won't slip off baby's foot.

Check for growth

Some toddlers outgrow their shoes quickly. A new pair may be too small after just three to four months. To ensure a proper fit, do the thumb test every few months.

Look for soft rubber soles

Flexible rubber soles go a long way toward preventing a wobbly toddler from slipping. 

Olive Brushed Denim Cabooties Baby and Toddler Shoes

Looking for a shoe that ticks all these boxes?

You're in the right place!  Cabooties baby shoes are soft and breathable, they have flexible rubber soles, and they're even machine washable.  Tap here to pick your perfect pair.


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