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Join our Brand Rep team

We are fortunate to have the support of an amazing team of brand reps.  Are you interested in joining our team? 

We divide our rep team members into three groups based on their particular strengths and interests. 

  • Models are responsible for the amazing photographs you see on our social media.  This role is ideal for parents who have a child between the ages of 0 and 18 months and take professional quality photos. You will need to provide samples of your work upon request. 
  • Viral Marketers share Cabooties' content with their followers once a week.  This role is ideal for parents with a large or hyper-engaged following on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Community Leaders help foster our Facebook group.  Members of this team post and engage in the group weekly.  This role is ideal for moms who love to chat and engage with other like-minded women.

Of course, with all of this responsibility comes some amazing perks!  Reps receive shop credit, exclusive discounts, and free Cabooties in exchange for helping us spread the word about our awesome shoes. 

Think you'd be a good fit for our team? Sign up below and start enjoying the perks today! As a thanks for your interest, we'll send you a $5 store credit right away to start building your Cabooties collection!


(The Cabooties rep team is not currently accepting applicants from outside of the US.  If the you do not see a form to enter, it may be because you are not currently located within the United States.  If you ARE within the United States and still don't see the box, please reach out to Kelly@Cabooties.com for assistance.)

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